Slesinski Design Group, an interior design corporation  spearheaded by Frank Slesinski, utilizes top craftsmen, tradesmen, consultants and artists, who collaborate to carry out his design vision with quality execution and within established budget parameters.


Los Angeles based interior designer, Frank Slesinski, is a dynamic voice in Southern California design. His keen eye integrates an eclectic mix of styles, with an eye towards comfort, drama, and functionality.  His efforts and talents have twice landed his work in Dwell Magazine and he is a featured designer for Dwell on Design. His work has also been published in California Homes, and numerous times in LADesign Magazine.  Frank has served on the board of the L.A. Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, and has been recognized by the City of Los Angeles for his design contributions in reinvigorating Downtown Los Angeles.  He was also honored to serve as one of the key space designers for the new Los Angeles Downtown Women’s’ Center.

The son of a doctor, Frank opted out of medical school and pursued postgraduate studies at The University of Nice and the Sorbonne in Paris.  While in France, exposure to the sophistication and craftsmanship of Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann and the aesthetic of Jean-Michel Frank inspired further study. Returning to New York, Frank honed his design skills in a successful career as a commercial, industrial, and documentary film producer. His experience in film production also fostered an expertise in budgeting. Finally, his work brought him to Los Angeles, where he focused on script development and company management at film studios and production companies. While managing the production office at director Brett Ratner’s company, Rat Entertainment, aka "Rat," Frank embraced his design ambitions, enrolling at the internationally acclaimed Interior Design Program at UCLA to sharpen and formalize his talents. 

Early in his career, Frank collaborated with esteemed Beverly Hills designer, the late Zachary Z. Zuboff. "It was a privilege working closely with a master designer like Zach. His encyclopedic knowledge of design was astounding; his taste was impeccable: perfected by working with some of L.A.'s most prominent families for over thirty-five years. The Beverly Hills residence in my portfolio was my final collaboration with Zach. During his final months of life, he watched and cheered on my efforts to fulfill his project concept and complete a design worthy of his reputation. I 'm honored to continue a tradition of design that carries on his commitment to style and quality."

Frank’s design career has taken him from Beverly Hills and “the West Side” to Hancock Park, Hollywood, Downtown, out to the Desert Cities, and Soho – Manhattan. His reputation among showrooms, venders and contractors is exceptional and he takes special pride in the good relationships and pleasant work atmosphere he fosters.